Let’s Talk about #Election2016 #Delegates

or rather, Let’s Talk about Party Politics –

#Election2016 has brought party politics to the forefront. And everyone is losing their collective minds.

Newsflash: No one likes party politics


So get over it and stop complaining the process is unfair.

Just because a process is convoluted and complicated does not mean it is unfair.


History Lesson:
Parties have been controlling U.S. politics since, practically, the foundation of the Republic. George Washington wasn’t gone 5 minutes before we had the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans going at it.

You want an ugly election?

Look at the Election of 1800, or John Quincy Adams vs. Andrew Jackson. In fact, just watch Race for the White House on CNN.

So – everyone who is complaining about the delegate process –

ron swanson whats your point

If you don’t like how the process works – get involved and change it!

Get involved in your local party, get involved in state politics, get involved in your local town, city, village, county, or what have you. Don’t just complain the process is unfair every 4 years.

Who taught you that people elect the president? It’s called the electoral college – and it’s in the constitution. Go look it up.


To conclude,
We have just over 6 months left of  the #Election2016.
Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

lilo and stitch - please


We’re already drinking too much.


On #WisconsinPrimary [!]

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.17.05 PM

The #WisconsinPrimary is where #StopTrump needs to happen. Follow results and commentary here. And of course – get on Twitter and MSNBC.

Especially MSNBC – Brian Williams has already made an “on Wisconsin” pun and said this gem: “you’ll notice both our correspondents, both young men in good shape, were out of breath at the length of those lines” [to register and vote in WI]

It’s awesome.

It’s #SuperTuesday – #Election2016 ed.


If you couldn’t already tell – I love FiveThirtyEight.

Here’s their 2 Super Guides to Super Tuesday:

And here’s how you should watch all the results come in:

  1. Flip between ALL the news channels (I like MSNBC’s coverage, but that’s because I’m a Chuck Todd fangirl.)
  2. Keep FiveThirtyEight’s livestream open on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or what have you.
  3. Have your drink of choice ready for if you love the results or hate the results.
  4. (optional) Share your experience with other politically-minded friends and family.

May the Best Candidate Win….hopefully.